HLA DB & ProtransKits

HLA database
The database contains exon as well as intron sequences.
Close SeqPilot, in case of server installation also stop the jsiService. Execute the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions to complete installation. As destination directory select the directory of your SeqPilot installation (default is C:\SeqPilot).
Now you can start SeqPilot again.


HLA database version 3.31.0 6.6 MB [last updated 21/03/2018]

For detailed information see page: http://www.ebi.ac.uk/imgt/hla



NOTE: Please do not install these packages, if already working with SEQUENCE Pilot !

What do the ProtransKits contain?

ProtransKits contain predefined amplification modules and sequencing primer for HLA SBT analysis.

ProtransKits 375 KB [last updated 02/12/2016]