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  • Compatible with all Sanger sequencers
  • Easy handling and configuration
  • SeqHLA automatically uses all previously made analyses as controls for your actual samples and therefore is able to anticipate the shape of every peak in your electropherograms
  • Dissimilarity scores are calculated for every peak and are a measure for the deviation of the peak areas from the statistical average
  • Heterozygous positions are detected, even in case of an allelic dropout
  • Availability of all HLA database versions (including exon and intron data) for import
  • Configurable base caller and gene areas to be analyzed
  • Automatically joining of result files to patient-related orders
  • Automated documentation of amplification modules and sequencing primers for each result file
  • Easy editing in electropherogram view and possibility of ignoring constant positions for the analysis
  • Detection of heterozygous positions by statistic warnings, peak hight and area check
  • Display of results in different resolutions (2-digits, 4-digits, and max. resolution)
  • Warning for splice site mutations
  • Individually customizable patient reports

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