MLPA® - MRC Holland Kits

Please note before download:

  • Mix descriptions are only free of charge for customers with maintenance contract.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us, if there are any mix descriptions missing on this website.
  • To set up a new mix descriptions for you, still available at MRC Hollands website, please provide us the name of the mix (e.g. P002-D1), the version of the mix (e.g. Vs.02) and the date of its release.

  • To set up a new mix descriptions for you, not available at MRC Hollands website any more, please provide us the corresponding document by email or fax (+49-7822-440150-20).



  • log into your SEQUENCE Pilot installation
  • go to category MLPA®
  • go to operation Mixes [master file]
  • press button [Import] and select the downloaded mme-file
  • if the corresponding mix already exists in your SEQUENE_PILOT installation you will be asked "Do you want to save the mix with a new name / lot?"; please press button [Yes] and complete the fields in the following dialogue; press button [OK] to save your entries
  • if the mix doesn't exist yet just press button [OK] in the following dialogue