Hardware Requirements



All SEQUENCE Pilot software modules are available as single user application on Windows platforms or as multi user applications in client / server architecture (Windows clients and Windows or Linux server). All available cores of the computer (single user application)  / server (client / server architecture) can be used due to multiprocessor capability (SEQNEXT and SEQNEXT-HLA).

For detailed hardware requirements, please contact support@jsi-medisys.de.

Please provide us the following information:




All locally installed varSEAK Editions (varSEAK Pilot, varSEAK Open) are deployed as a virtual machine.
The virtual machine can be hosted on any Linux or Windows host system by running a virtualization software.

The default hardware requirements for the varSEAK virtual machine are:

  • 4 cores with at least 2,8 GHz
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 650 GB HDD
  • OS of the host: Linux or Windows
  • A virtualization software has to be installed on the host
  • A persistent internet connection to www.varSEAK.bio (e.g. to obtain data from the varSEAK global database)

For more details or questions (e.g. to run varSEAK with lower hardware specifications), please contact support@varSEAK.bio.